What is a land surveyor?

A (licensed) land surveyor is a designed professional that is regulated by the State of New York to retrace legal descriptions from the deed belonging to the subject property by locating actual reference monuments and verifying its correct position.

What is surveying?

Surveying is the detailed study or inspection, by gathering information through observations, measurements in the field, questionnaires, or research of legal instruments and data analysis in the support of planning, designing, and establishing of property boundaries.

Why do I need a survey? When should I get a survey?

Here are some reasons why you may need to get a survey or when you should get one:

      When buying land and you do not know where the property line is on the ground

      When selling land and you do not know where the property line is on the ground

      When land is not clearly defined by a legal description of older land survey.

      When you are not certain of the location of your property corners

      Land surveying can be used to determine drainage, setbacks, and property planning by many for when building.

      Before land is divided. When a lending institution requires a survey for a mortgage

      Before building a fence, building, shed, or anything close to an unknown property line

      Before timber is to be cut near a property line

      When purchasing title insurance  and Before developing property

      When a boundary line or corner is unknown or in disagreement

      To settle a boundary dispute of some sort

      When you think you might have an encroachment on your land


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