Summit Land Surveying P.C.  performs all types of surveys within the jurisdiction of New York state under the guidelines set forth in the code of practice for land surveys.

Summit Land Surveying handles all types of projects, small or big. All of the projects are handled in a professional manner and are assessed in a way to fulfill the customer needs and demands. 
Our company specializes in the following, but is not limited to:

Alta Surveys: usually required when there is a title transferring a commercial property. This survey is required by title insurance companies and/or by the land or lenders.

Construction Layouts: they are necessary to reflect the proposed design on the ground

Flood elevation Certificates: These certificates are necessary to establish if a particular or property falls within a flood area, which is predetermined by FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Property line Surveys: These surveys are required to establish specific property lines.

Right of way Mapping: This mapping is used to design the redevelopment of highways and roadways.

Route Surveys: Route Surveys are conducted when there are ongoing projects on road and/or right of way development.

Title transfer Surveys: At the time of title transfer, or when buying a new residential property, a title transfer survey is required by the title insurance company and/or by the bank or lenders)

Topographical Surveys and Maps: These surveys/maps show the terrain of the land; it is a requirement that needs to be met before architects or engineers start their projects or designs.

And more

All of the field work is done by a professional field crew work force within an appropriate budget and time frame. The graphing of the data and map creating is done in a time efficient manner to meet the customer needs. All of the work produced by our company is stamped by a professional land surveyor; the final product is performed and supervised to meet the quality control requirements and the various needs of the clients themselves.For these projects and surveys, we will work closely with your architects or engineers to provide information that will be necessary for them to work.


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